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Mexican Feast

Meet Leslie Wilson, a pastor's wife and the proprietor of a lively boarding house. In this episode, Leslie shares her insights on raising well-disciplined children, cooking up a delectable Mexican menu, mastering the art of cooking ahead and freezing, maintaining a sparkling clean kitchen, and becoming a speedier and more relaxed cook. Drawing from her life experience, Leslie's practical tips will inspire you. Plus, she offers a hot tip on handwashing and the must-have kitchen items every cook needs. We're so glad you're here!

Mexican Menu: (See PDF below for lots of recipes!)

Shredded Beef Enchiladas

Refried Beans

Mexican Rice



Tortilla Chips

Sherbet, optional

BH Cookbook Sixth Edition Mexican recipes
Download PDF • 52KB

Recommended Items:

To order Leslie Wilson's Big Haus Cookbook, 6th edition, email

The cost is $30. There is an additional $5 for postage, but if more than one copy is ordered, they ship for free! Local people are welcome to drop by The Big Haus to pick theirs up.

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