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Come Over for Dinner!

Podcasting about all the recipes and tips you need to create a menu and a warm, welcoming, stress-free environment to host family and friends.

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Family Meal

New Episode Every Week

Listen weekly to learn about a tried and true menu from a home cook like you! Experienced hosts and hostesses share their best advice for planning a meal to serve and help you with detailed tips so you can re-create their amazing dishes in your own home. You'll learn how to make your home warm and welcoming where your guests have a great time and you do too! Learn all the time-savers and hot tips to create an inviting table for your family and guests. 

Invite Family and Friends

Family Reunion

Why is it important to gather around a shared meal? For centuries, it was customary to invite others into your home, including traveling strangers. Our culture and society have shifted away from this, but much has been lost. Friendships deepen, encouragement is found, and fond memories are made amid laughter, delicious food, and friends.

Do you hesitate to invite people to your home? Usually this stems from thinking something isn't good enough - your home, your food, or maybe it's yourself. Stop this negative self-talk and listen to those experienced in showing hospitality to guests. You will be able to say, "Come Over for Dinner!" and not cringe inside with instant anxiety. You will be ready to throw open the door and say, "Welcome!"

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