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Hi! I'm Bess Hawthorne. I am a wife, mother of five, and grandmother of 4. I teach 2nd grade full-time at Logos School, a classical Christian school in Moscow, Idaho. I also host this podcast and blog. Having lived my entire life in the south, I am no stranger to southern hospitality. I recently moved and am excited to learn new recipes and tips from my northern friends as well. I created this podcast out of my passion for hospitality and my love of the kitchen. This podcast delves into the importance of hospitality as well as the practical tips that will help you make saying, "Come Over for Dinner!" a reality! Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or an experienced host, I’m sure you’ll find something to learn and enjoy on my podcast.

About the Show

Host Bess Hawthorne 
interviews the best of the best!

They invite you to become an expert in saying, "Come Over for Dinner!"

  • Tried-and-true recipes and menus 

  • Shortcuts and time-savers

  • Tips to make inviting guests to your home easy

  • How to create a warm and welcoming environment

  • Must-have kitchen items (and where you can find them!)

  • Funny, relatable stories

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