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An English-inspired Christmas Celebration - Part 2

Join Carole Weitner as she continues to share her knowledge from years of experience hosting an English Christmas tea for her community as well as meticulously crafting a Christmas menu for her family that is unique yet familiar. We discuss the recipes in detail; you are sure to discover new holiday favorites! If you've ever wondered how to make clotted cream or what a sugar plum is, this episode is for you! Carole explains the importance of having a trusty sidekick in the kitchen and the must-have tools for every cook. Stay tuned to hear about a traditional part of an English Christmas celebration as well as a festive table decoration - Christmas crackers! We're so glad you're here!

An English-Inspired Christmas Celebration Recipes:

Christmas Recipes
Download PDF • 299KB

Sugar Plums!

Sugar Plums
Download PDF • 111KB

More Recipes! - roux, pudding/cream pie filling, scones, spice mixtures, salad dressings, hardboiled eggs:

More recipes
Download PDF • 168KB

Favorite Kitchen Items:

Favorite kitchen items!
Download PDF • 90KB

Baked Goods Temperature Chart:

Baked Goods Temperature Chart
Download PDF • 96KB

Baking Equivalent - Volume vs Weight:

Baking Equivalent Volume vs Weight
Download PDF • 94KB

Bible Verses on Hospitality:

Bible verses on hospitality
Download PDF • 96KB

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28 дек. 2023 г.

These guides are so very helpful! I had two questions about the potato roll recipe. First, is that an additional 8-10 cups of flour added after the initial 4, or more flour to equal 8-10 cups. Second, how long does she recommend kneading the dough? Thank you so much!!

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