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Mary Berry's Quick Chicken Curry

Today's guest, Anna Ayling, has a unique perspective on hospitality through raising a family and her mission work in Japan and Wales. Join us as she discusses the British take on Indian food, the importance of utilizing the oven and freezer in your prep, and the 80/20 cleaning rule that will speed up getting ready for guests. You'll hear Anna's thoughts on laying out clear expectations for guests, inviting people into your everyday life, and how formality creates distance. Stay tuned to hear all about her perfect recipe organization system! We're so glad you're here!

Mary Berry's Quick Chicken Curry

Serve with:

Poppadoms, naan bread, chapati, or pooris

Pavlova or sorbet

The oven version that I sometimes used is below, and it also includes the stove top/hob version all on one page.

Mary Berry's Easy Chicken Curry
Download PDF • 58KB

From Anna: If you can't get hold of poppadoms (or sometimes poppadums), then you could make naan bread


or pooris. I sometimes make the latter and received a recipe from a lovely chef we met on our honeymoon in Mauritius. I've typed this up and attached this. Also, is a great resource for recipes!

Pooris Recipe
Download PDF • 25KB

Pavlova Recipe
Download PDF • 32KB

Recommended items:

UK items:

Food processor with integrated weighing scales, extendable table, and recipe box -

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