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Mrs. Mooney's Secret Gumbo

Join Christine Cohen - wife, mother of 3, award-winning author, Director of the MFA program at NSA, and tadpole caretaker, as she discusses her weekly Sabbath dinner. You'll learn tips for setting a table including how to make easy and quick place cards, prep tips, and a hot tip about what to do at 5 pm. Christine shares how to be prepared for a family with a baby and her must-have kitchen/dining items. Stay tuned to hear relatable disaster stories and how to react gracefully when difficulties strike you. We're so glad you're here!

File powder, optional


Tiger Sauce, Louisiana hot sauce, Tony Cachere’s cajun seasoning or cayenne if anyone wants a little more spice to stir in since I keep it fairly mild for guests, any other hot sauces I might have on hand! And then I often do chopped green onions as a garnish.

Serve with: Rice




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