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Outdoor Tea Party

Join Mallory Barendregt to learn all the tips to set up an outdoor tea party! She shares her favorite menu to serve as well as optional party favor ideas. You'll learn tips about creating a special cake and how to have fun with color. Mallory reminds us that hospitality happens in many forms and offers encouragement to look for it. Stay tuned to the end to hear her must-have kitchen items! We're so glad you're here!

Tea Party Menu

Blackberry Lavender Cake (see recipe link below)

Macarons (see recipe link below)

Charcuterie spread ideas:

Sourdough loaf or 4-Hour Baguette (see recipe link below) or buy bread or crackers


Grapes, apples, and other fruit

Labneh (see recipe below)

Drink ideas:

Tea (set out cream and sugar in the raw)

Mango passionfruit Tazo tea

Pink lemonade

Sparkling cider (individual bottles are fun)


Recipes discussed in the episode:

(Can top with honeycomb, pansies, or blackberries.)

(Americolor food coloring is a great choice in this recipe.)

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1 Yorum

22 May 2023

fun episode :) we have had outdoor tea parties too and it is always a fun time. My girls love the real tea cups too. checking out the grater!!

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