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Three Day French Toast

Join Bre Vestal as she discusses all things cake! You'll learn about palette knife decorating, inexpensive tools of the trade, and the best way to freeze a cake, frosting, or filling. Bre shares her favorite frosting color brand, a helpful book, a delicious brunch menu, and more! Don't miss all the hot tips on bacon and the must-have items that make cake decorating a breeze. We're so glad you're here!

Three Day French Toast crème brûlée french toasts – smitten kitchen (I don’t brûlée it.)

Serve with:


Whipped cream

Sausage and/or bacon



Orange or apple juice

Any other brunch item you enjoy!

Other recipes recommended in the episode:

American Buttercream Frosting -

Leave nuts out for a classic cinnamon roll or add a chopped apple and use a whipped brown butter topping for a fall cinnamon roll.

Oven Bacon recipes:

A perfect burger topping -

Serve with: burgers, cheese such as colby-jack or cheddar, lettuce, and homemade burger buns! (See recipe below.)

Homemade chicken nuggets - a kid favorite!

A favorite cooking blog for recipe inspiration:

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